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The User Experience Honeycomb by Peter Moreville is a great tool that can (and should) be applied to food blogs.

The honeycomb consists of seven topics: useful, desirable, accessible, credible, findable, useable, and valuable. When all of these focus areas are applied to your blog, you come away with a user-friendly site that will keep readers coming back for more.

The UX Honeycomb:

UX Honeycomb showing useful, desirable, accessible, credible, findable, usable and valuable.

Moreville came up with this honeycomb, to help explain visually how all these different areas play an important role in the overall user experience of a product.

Each facet gives a unique perspective of how to look at the experience as a whole. Here are some ways you can think through each element as applied to a food blog:


Is your site, or recipe, useful? Does it provide an answer or solution to your reader’s need?


Is this recipe or blog something that users will like? Will they like the way the site “feels” when they access it? Are your recipes something people are searching for?


This specifically covers if people with a disability can use your site. It’s worth thinking about more broadly though, as many people who don’t have a technical disability may have an issue accessing your site for one reason or another. Learn more about web accessibility.


How are you showing that your site and recipes are credible? Does your blog look and feel professional? Make sure your on-page and on-site content sets you up as an expert.


How are readers going to find your blog and once there, how can they find the recipe?


Is your site usable? Making a site usable trumps making it pretty or stuffing it full of ads to try to create more revenue. Making sure your site is mobile-friendly is key for food bloggers.


What value are you providing? Is there something unique about your blog and recipe that will help draw your readers in? Google suggests that creating valuable content includes making sure it is insightful, substantial and original.


Keeping this honeycomb in mind will help you create a well-rounded site that your readers will love. Start with one facet and then move on to the next. In no time you’ll have a user-friendly blog!

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